Photography has always been my passion. When I was in fourth grade, my uncle and aunt came to visit the family. Pictures were mostly black and white at that time, and I cherish the photo of the family standing in front of Mount Vernon. My dad was the designated family photographer. My uncle is looking at the camera, smiling sweetly and my sisters are looking at the landmark. There I am at the far left of the photo with my Brownie Camera in front of my face taking my dad’s picture. That photograph says it all. Photography was destined to be a part of me.

As I grew, so did my cameras. I progressed from my Brownie camera to my first 35 mm - a Voigtlander range finder. Then came along my OM-1. I began processing black-and-white and color photos in my very own darkroom. Photography became ingrained in my soul.

Today I photograph with my Pentax K1 mark ii and my trusty Sigma lenses.  The photos are processed in a digital darkroom. I especially love taking nature and wildlife photographs. “Life is not measured by the breaths one takes, but by the moments that take our breath away.” These are the moments that I strive to preserve. Nature is my guide and photography is my passion.