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by Elsa Dougan

There is a softness in the falling snow,

As it falls gently, gently on this earth below;

The holly tree - a wintry window scene - shows shades of white, and red, and green.


The green leaves hold a treasure rare; a glint of the

Bright future, cradled with care.


Yet, all a mantled in a veil of white, a fragile covering in the night.

So softly falls our Father's love - gently, gently, from above.


My grandmother wrote that poem in 1975.  She always saw the beauty in everything around her.  She was such an inspiration to me in more ways than she'd ever realized.  Where I photograph the world around me, she painted the scenes.  The picture of the evergreen tree above was taken after a snowstorm on wintry morning .  This  tree now towers over 30 feet tall.  It  was once a living Christmas tree  in my house, decorated by my children with the magic of a Christmas season.  The memories created that year will be cherished for a lifetime.  My children loved the thought of planting the tree after the holidays were over.  My cats loved to perch in the living branches, and would hide within the green boughs and shiny ornaments.   And my dog, Smokey, well...he loved the indoor potty!  One has never seen a dog so ecstatic!  If he could have talked, he'd have shouted "Yes, Virginia! There is a Santa Claus!"  It goes without saying that he was not allowed near the tree after the first incident. Memories are moments in time created to last a lifetime, and as with the softly falls our Father's love - gently, gently from above.




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